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Friday, November 11, 2005

More Doctors?!

Well, I went for my follow up with the neurologist yesterday. We had a great time needling each other, but he went back to insisting that I make appointments with a psychiatrist (for renewals on my antidpressants due to all the other meds I am on - the neuro wants someone familiar with the meds to monitor that end) and a GP. This man is relentless! Two more doctor appts?? *sigh* My new insurance company is going to LOVE me!!

I had to get two blood draws, as well. I am looking forward to getting an update on my CK levels, particularly as I've been losing muscle again in my shoulders, but Geez! Some of the techs are nuts! One went for a vein in my wrist, couldn't get it, so kept fishing the needle around muttering 'I am going to get this vein!!' I finally told her to give it up and go for another one before she severed something important.....

Mom comes today!!! I am so excited to see her, but know this is a trip she doesn't need. She's tired and stressed, and I feel terrible that she's coming up here for a week when she'd rather be home relaxing. I can't wait to show her what I've done to the house, though. Plus, she is aces at decor, etc so she's going to work on my furniture arrangements. I just kind of plunked everything into place, so there really isn't much 'design' to it ;-)

Heidi is feeling better - I think. She has more energy, but her appetite is inconsistent and she is doing odd things, like consuming her own urine. What is THAT all about?! You really need a strong stomach to have animals, or kids. Some of the inexplicable things they do are just disgusting! Heidi has also taken to expending her energy by pacing about the house in the middle of the night. With all my wonderful new hardwood and tile floors, it rather sounds like a drowsy woodpecker pecking all night.

I am ALMOST unpacked....just some final touches in my closets, about a 1/2 dozen boxes of books, a garage to organize....ok, ok....I'm giving myself a headache. Unpacking has never taken me this long before! WHEN did I collect all this stuff? For the first time in my life, I am actually contemplating a garage sale. Mom loves them, I hate them. I hate the haggling. For gosh sakes! Why on earth would you haggle over a dollar? Just take it! I usually just donate stuff, but I am feeling the pocket pinch with the new floors and having to start all over with a new medical deductible. $500 in my first two appointments! Maybe I can make at least a little cash from a garage sale.......

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ode to a Colon

Well, life sure has gotten full since I gained a disease! I used to spend my days off relaxing and puttering. Now, I spend half of them at various doctors, and the other half trying to fit in all my 'puttering'.

Mom flies in tomorrow to dog-sit while I am at my training in Ann Arbor. She gets to dodge Tasha's affectionate licks, coax Heidi into eating and monitor Teddy's backyard rampages. I'm sure she's thrilled!

As soon as I return, I get to experience my first colonoscopy.....and the crowd roars!!! I had to attend an 'informational meeting' with about 25 seniors where they showed us a video of an actor 'enjoying' his procedure, then listened to a nurse lecture us on the prep. The prep sounds like a nighmare! The actual procedure seems like breeze. All of the literature they gave us kept repeating "Make sure you have bathroom facilities available". *sigh* I can hardly wait.....

I have this image in mind of a line of gurneys with doped up patients, butts exposed while the doctor works his camera gurney at a time. Kind of like a production line? LOL

Where oh where has my dignity gone?