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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ode to a Colon

Well, life sure has gotten full since I gained a disease! I used to spend my days off relaxing and puttering. Now, I spend half of them at various doctors, and the other half trying to fit in all my 'puttering'.

Mom flies in tomorrow to dog-sit while I am at my training in Ann Arbor. She gets to dodge Tasha's affectionate licks, coax Heidi into eating and monitor Teddy's backyard rampages. I'm sure she's thrilled!

As soon as I return, I get to experience my first colonoscopy.....and the crowd roars!!! I had to attend an 'informational meeting' with about 25 seniors where they showed us a video of an actor 'enjoying' his procedure, then listened to a nurse lecture us on the prep. The prep sounds like a nighmare! The actual procedure seems like breeze. All of the literature they gave us kept repeating "Make sure you have bathroom facilities available". *sigh* I can hardly wait.....

I have this image in mind of a line of gurneys with doped up patients, butts exposed while the doctor works his camera gurney at a time. Kind of like a production line? LOL

Where oh where has my dignity gone?


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