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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Life continues to roll swiftly - my house sold the first week it was on the market. We actually had a bidding war! The inspection is tomorrow, and even though I know the house is in good shape, a part of me will be nervous until it's over. I am really pleased with the new owners, though. The house was almost bought by someone who wanted it for a rental - my heart cringed at the thought after all the work I put into the yard and house. This family has two boys (one has Downs) with one on the way. They were so excited about buying their first house! The mother started to cry when I gave her a 4 page outline on the maintenance of the house. I remembered how stressful it was when I was a new home-owner and completely at loss as to what needed to be done when.

I am just glad it is over! Showing the house was nuts - there were over 20 showings in 4 days!! At one point, I was in for my IVIg treatment and was getting calls from realtors asking to show the house. One got frustrated when I told him he would have to wait until after 4pm so I could go home and put the dogs out. He kept insisting that it would "only take a few minutes", but backed off finally when I pointed out that I wasn't sure how to drive with an IV pole in tow and that my nurse would probably object to me finding out! Another kept pointing out that the listing indicated the dogs were friendly. I responded that they were - when I was around. I pointed out that I hadn't had the opportunity to see what they would do if strangers walked in, and as one was a Doberman I didn't think he wanted his clients to be the test subjects. ;-) He reluctantly agreed....

I am going to be working a week past when I had planned to make my last day at work...I just couldn't leave that new manager and the team hanging. Besides, I have been having a blast training a few of the newer managers. Two of them blew me away yesterday when each (separately) asked if I was aware that the company was probably trying to get rid of me by sending me to that store. The assistant manager used to be an employment attorney, and she outlined what she thought they were trying to do (sending me to a store that would be much more physically demanding) and suggested I seek an attorney for advice. She actually said she was angry when she heard I was being moved to her store since she didn't want to be a part ("even tangentially") to me being forced out due to a health condition. I was shocked, since I certainly hadn't said anything to anyone. It was heartwarming to hear them get so indignant on my behalf...yet another step towards rebuilding my confidence! I wonder if my boss is aware of how many people came to that conclusion and how much it has shaken their confidence in both her and the my mother says, what goes around comes around! I am sticking with my original approach of just not commenting, but I must admit to being secretly pleased that others recognize what was going on. It was such a blow to think that people would assume that it was my performance.

I am flying to Texas in a few days to house-hunt, and I have already sent marching orders to the realtor and my Mom. Thank God for my Mom! I'm sure the realtor thinks I am nuts since my top two priorities are (in this order) a fenced, treed yard for the dogs and room for my books. LOL! Mom and I will be leaving to drive to Texas from Seattle mid-month. I am a little worried about the drive, the heat and the dogs. Heidi is so brother (ever the optimist) has already asked what we would do if she dies on the way. His concern was that we would have to leave her on the side of the road. Mom assured him that we would find a nearby town and a vet to take her.

I am continuing to wean from the prednisone, and bought extra vials of the Methotrexate. I am down to 12mg/day of prednisone and will ask my rheumy at my next visit what the plans should be for pausing the weaning process during my move. I am hoping he will say it isn't necessary....

I will update on the house hunting progress - my hope is that the sellers will agree to allow me to move in before closing, though this might not be necessary as my loan officer says I can close as soon as the Seattle house closes. I just want to avoid staying in a hotel with three large dogs....and I think the hotels would agree that it isn't a good idea! :-) Mom and Dad don't know this yet, but I was thinking I could stay with them until the house closing and move-in date....poor Dad. It will truly be a test of his love to be invaded by three large, shedding dogs! Not to mention that Mom will have to help me walk them in order to protect their show-case of a yard. Like I've said before - having kids is a lot of work!


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