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Friday, July 15, 2005

Here I go!

Well, I was fortunate enough to get an offer for a job in the Ft Worth area!

I don't know whether I should be scared or excited....there is so much to do in a very short time frame. Plus, tonight is - da-dum!!! HARRY POTTER! We have 3 news crews filming live, over 3,000 people expected. Gulp! I hope I come out of it in one piece.

I am still weaning off the prednisone, which is another worry. I have heard from several sources to stop weaning if you are due for some major life stressors. I just want to be off the prednisone, but don't want to risk throwing myself into another flare of the Polymyositis. I am also hoping to find a rheumy I like and who can continue to provide me with the injectable methotrexate....there is currently a nation-wide shortage. Jeez! I just want my old face back - no more swelling, no more acne. I will never again bemoan the occasional pimple! There are so many side-effects to prednisone. If anyone reading this is taking prednisone, try reading Coping with Prednisone - lots of great information.

My mother is being her usual self as an invaluable resource. She is an old hand at house-hunting and we already have plans to have her go up a scope out possibilities early so that I can fly down and choose among those she has previewed. I have already forewarned her that I will need her to house/dog-sit when I am sent off for training. LOL - she may yet live to regret having me so 'close', if you can consider 9 hours close.

I am really, really excited to live closer to my parents, but wish they didn't live in such a hot state! I am seriously considering having the dogs shaved before I head down. What will be fun is buying more house for half of what my house is in Seattle! I can't believe the difference - even though my salary is going down I will still be improving my standard of living....providing you don't think about the heat index.

Now, how do I beg, borrow and steal the labor needed to move my 6,000+ books. Any volunteers? :-)


Anonymous Beth said...

6,000 books?!

Wow. I've recently decided that there are very few books I actually need to keep, and have been offering mine on Freecycle. Much less clutter that way, and I still have my absolute favorites.

I've a friend who moved his books by mailing them to his new address. He claims book rate was pretty cheap and it saved him the bother of trucking them. Might be worth considering?

Good luck with the move. Be sure to wave when you come through New Mexico!

11:03 AM  
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