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Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's a Dog's Life

I took a sleeping aid last night - my attempt to fight off the effects of all the coffee I drank to expel the 10 bottles of fluid forced into my system during the IVIgs. I was happily drowsing at 7am when something brought me to full attention.

That something was the cold, wet needle nose of my dobie, poking its way into my nice, warm and DRY neck. What the hell?? Oh - that's right....I exist simply to provide sustenance. I rolled over (yippee! this is progress from a month ago!) to see all three dogs looking at me expectantly. Considering one is completely blind, this tells you just how seriously these dogs take feeding time!

Sooo - I get up to start my day. First, pop those pills (thank God for straws - I'm a baby when it comes to swallowing pills). Second, get that coffee going. Third, feed the dogs. I know, I know - it's selfish of me to make them wait, but it's all about the timing.....waiting for the coffee gives me a valid reason for standing guard during the feeding process to ensure no one tries to move on to the next bowl. All three generally are not very good about sharing and brawls are likely to break out.

I wonder what my life would be like without the dogs? My mother is convinced they are the reason for my perpetual state of single-hood. If only I didn't have to rush home after work to take care of the dogs....what? I could haunt the singles bars?

There is something about coming home to the music of those dancing nails on hardwood floors. They are just so damned excited to see me. Ok - maybe they are excited knowing food is on its way. But still, who else is going to erupt with exuberance every time you appear? Who else is going to snarl to protect their place by your side in bed....ok, well, I've never met YOUR husband/boyfriend/partner. Who else is going to interfere with your computer time by placing their head directly on your keyboard in an attempt for attention? Who else is going to convince your neighbors that you run a dog-fighting ring in your backyard because their play is so loud? Who else is going to convince possible burglars that this is NOT the best place to try, despite the fact that their response to strangers entering into the house is to hide under the nearest bed? Who else is going to mud-wrestle, then merrily trot inside to share a little love before heading out again.....good thing I have a working washing machine!

I love my dogs, despite their lack of manners. I am a very bad dog-mom ---I haven't trained the most basic of good manners. It just doesn't phase me that they climb up beside me on the furniture, or hang out in the kitchen when I cook. I don't care that they stare at me as I eat, following every bite with laser-like precision. They LOVED it when my niece and nephew would visit. It was like feeding time at the never knew when something edible would hit the floor. I'm sure they think my niece and nephew are minor deities....what else would explain the manna-from-heaven?

All-in-all, they make great roommates. So there's a little (ok - a LOT) more cleaning involved, but they don't talk, love to snuggle, share their exuberance for life freely, don't care what I watch on TV, don't borrow my books....and, best of all, they love me. Or, at the very least, they love their food-provider.

*sigh* gotta love that dog's life......


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