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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Due to popular demand

Due to popular demand (several emails from my pals at The Myositis Association) I am adding information on helpful tools:

The sock-puller-upper (EVERYONE wants one of these!) - This came from - click on dressing and grooming aids

A can opener to die for - this one removes the seal so you aren't using so much muscle to punch through the tin: Item Number K5469 on

For more grooming aids: The Body Shop has a number of items I recommend (I used to work for them, but this truly doesn't bias me, I simply know the quality is worth the reasonable prices)

1) a body towel - this is fabulous in the shower - you can hold either end and use it to reach your back, feet and everything in between. It is a light strip of exfoliating cloth. Simply put some soap on, whip it around till you can grip it in both hands (don't worry - no one's least no one at MY house!) and you can work it down the length of your body.

2) Tea Tree oil - great for fighting the prednisone acne. Kills the bacteria without drying the skin and causing further irritation. I simply work drops into the skin anywhere I have acne irritation.

3) facial sponges - these came in handy when I didn't have the strength to use my hands to wash my face and didn't want to use something as rough and irritating as a washcloth. Makes rinsing easy, too. Probably more useful for those of us who are slaves to fashion and insist on wearing make-up.

4) hair towel - VERY light and absorbant.....great when you don't have the strength to use a bath towel to dry your hair. It is light enough that you can rub it back and forth, or simply use it turban style.

If anyone who happens to visit this site has other recommendations, please add them in the comments area! Or email me, and I will add to the list.....


Anonymous Beth said...

Some great suggestions here. I found lots of cool things I want! :)

7:32 PM  

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