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Monday, June 06, 2005

The boom finally fell

Today I had "The Talk" with my boss. The talk involved her outlining all the reasons she felt it was in my best interest to not be running one of the top stores in the company. Despite the fact that I had no physical limitations any longer (at least, none that affected the job) and that the store was progressing, she felt that it was too much for me to handle and that it would be better for my development and 'lifestyle' to be in a lower volume store.....wait a minute, development? LIFESTYLE?? I've been in retail management for 13 years, and seemed to be doing just fine until my diagnosis and the 6 weeks I needed to use the scooter to get around at work. Maybe she's referring to the development that she actually said she didn't have time to offer every time she canceled or delayed or cut down a day's visit to less than 3 hours. Or maybe she's referring to the fact that she offered me the demotion back when I explained the diagnosis and I turned her down. Clearly, she feels my decision-making needs development.

It was utterly fascinating to me to hear how exhausted I looked and how worried she was for me.....I wondered if it had ever occurred to her that it wasn't exhaustion but tension she saw on my face.


I am completely sympathetic to her concerns. It IS an important store for the company. But dammit, couldn't she have supported me these past couple of months instead of adding to my stress level with her anger and frustration every time we saw each other and I declined to give up my store? I knew this was coming.....even have reams of notes that would win me the case my mother would love me to file. But, you know, aside from the pride factor of being demoted I still love my job and don't want to risk it. Where would I go from there? The new store is closer to home, and they didn't change my salary (a small and petty thrill of mine, knowing they are paying premium for a small store manager). The biggest stressor in my life (my boss) would no longer be a weekly factor.

It just kinda sucks, you know?

Maybe blogging should be recommended as a form of therapy. Anyone reading, thanks for 'listening'!


Blogger Kristin said...

I think that sucks that you were moved. I read on TMA when you mentioned a lawsuit. I'm almost thinking you might have a case. Something just doesn't add up...I hope things work out for the best though. Good luck ~Kristin

PS: I'm so glad you are blogging!!!!!!

8:33 PM  

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