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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More suggestions....

Here are some suggestions emailed to me for personal care/mobility aids....for the rest of the list, see "Due to popular demand" and "My Story":
  • a coiled key chain - you can slip it over your wrist, decreasing the chance that you drop them (I am a personal example of how difficult life can be when you drop keys!)
  • Walkie-talkies for those who live with others - better than the doorbell idea since you can communicate what you need. My only concern would be keeping it attached to you. Maybe attaching a cord and wearing it around your neck?
  • Cars with leather seats to make getting in or out easier.
  • And speaking of cars - according to what I read on the TMA website, most people with a Myositis prefer small SUVs....easier to get in and out of. I personally love my Hyundai Sante Fe (even if I didn't get the leather seats). Reliable, highly rated and CHEAP!
  • Shower seats - the foldable kind are easy to move in and out if there are others using the tub/shower.
  • I have one to add - there is a step stool available at QVC that has a high back to it. This is wonderful for adding stability when you need to reach something from a cabinet that is just out of reach (haven't you picked up someof those Gophers yet??). I'm only 5'2"...if I stretch, so that step stool has really come in handy! The high back gives you something to hang on to......

Keep those suggestions coming! I am hearing from several people suffering from a variety of diseases (Myositis, Lupus, MS, etc) who appreciate the tips!


Blogger Corry said...


I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading it. I am sorry to hear you have Myositis. You seem to be coping well and I am greatful for that:-) God gives us all we need to carry our burdens.

God's Grace.

9:36 AM  

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