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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Battle of the Species

Well, we made it. Mom drove the majority of the way - what a marathon! The dogs had it the worst (although mom may challenge that due to the rather strong eau de dog we had going after three days in the car. Plus, there was the 'phantom farting'. Mom insisted one of the dogs was farting, but I never smelled it. Either I am now inured to the fragrance, or she is smelling farts where none exist). Heide (the 13 year old retriever mix) slept for about three days once we reached Corpus. Tasha (the dobie) is flustered by the change, and spends most of her time curled up on the bed, or pressing against the nearest human. Teddy (better known as the Terminator) is totally unphased. As long as he has his food, he's a happy camper.

The same canNOT be said for my parents' two birds. Teddy was told firmly the first day that the birds were off-limits. I should have known by the studious way he ignored them that he was simply biding his time until no one was watching. And it happened. Early in the morning on the third day, Mom and I had our backs turned when the commotion broke out. Teddy went for Tootsie - the African Grey parrot. This breed sells for about $1300 - not that the monetary value outweighs the emotional bond my folks have with this bird. I tore Teddy off the bird, my Mom picked Tootsie up off the floor, and my Dad came racing from the bathroom - complete with his half-shaved face. Mom and Dad locked themselves in the bathroom to comfort Tootsie and check her for injuries, while I ran Teddy out the back door. He now spends his time tethered to the banister whenever the Tootsie is out of her cage. Tootsie came out of it traumatized, but relatively unhurt. It took me hours to slow my heartbeat down. Here my parents are generously allowing their house to be invaded by three large dogs, and one has to use their beloved bird as a chew toy!

I am now staying in what will be my home for the next 4 weeks - a hotel off I-35 in Fort Worth. Have I mentioned the heat yet? A full 30 degrees hotter than Seattle. Have I lost my mind?? I have spent the last four days SOAKING WET. I never knew breasts could sweat. And the bugs! I am covered in mosquito bites. My folks wanted to know why I didn't wear long pants and sleeves....Somehow, they failed to tell me that not only would I have to become accustomed to 100 degree weather, but that I would have to do it in my winter-wear!

My first day at the new job is tomorrow, though, and I'm excited about that. I am a little overwhelmed by the next few weeks....I have to familiarize myself with a new city, new job, find new doctors, close on my new house, arrange for some minor changes (like replacing the sea-green carpeting and installing a dog-door)....yikes! When is my next vacation?

My prednisone weaning has been placed on hold until I can find a new rheumy who can monitor the progress. I had a very sobering conversation with my Seattle rheumy, who pointedly told me that I was not out of the woods yet, and that I would not come back from a flare nearly as well the second time. Sooo....I am reining in my natural impatience and taking the prednisone weaning very slowly since going too quickly will throw those with myositis diseases into relapses.

Do me a favor and send some cooling thoughts my way, willya?


Blogger Kristin said...

Glad to see all of you made it! I'm sending cool thoughts since it finally got cooler here in Ohio...for now!
Take care,

6:14 PM  
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