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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Found it!

Well, moving day is getting closer! My house passed inspection....if you consider having to put on a new roof 'passing'....I can't really complain, though, considering the buyers went $5K over asking and the new roof will only cost about $2K. Still, it hurts a bit to pay for a new roof I can't enjoy.

I flew down to Ft Worth on the 2nd, went to see the houses my realtor and mom vetted for me. Thank God for my mom!! Even the realtor was impressed with her - she said my mom took her job very seriously and was intent on finding the best house for me, and boy, did she! This house is terrific! Great yard for the dogs, already has hardwood floors in a few rooms, nearly twice the size of my current house and nearly half the cost! Texas sure does have some bright points! AND (the biggest selling point for me, after the yard) it has a BONUS room above the master bedroom where I can store most of my books!!!!! Yippeee! No more stacking them 2 and 4 deep on a shelf and having to dig to find the one I am looking for! I swear my addiction to books is as bad as an alcoholic's for their daily drink....

I was also really impressed with DFW. There are trees! I know, I sound like an idiot but I guess I expected an entire state of desert. The only downside is that the owners of the house I put the offer in for don't want to move until mid-September. This means mom and dad will be dog-sitting for a month. I guess if there was ever any doubt as to how much they loved me, seeing my mom exhaust herself looking for the perfect house then agreeing to bring three large dogs into their newly remodeled house proves it beyond a shadow! I can't wait to see what happens when their two large parrots meet my dogs! LOL! I bet the birds scare the pee out of the dogs the first time they screech!

I also got to see my new store. It is very pretty, and the staff seems like a happy crew. I can't wait to get down there and get things going! I am still a little nervous about the affects of the move with me weaning from the prednisone, but the bright side is that I am doing so much better. My mom kept staring at me, marveling every time I crouched, got up from a chair unassisted or even rolled over in bed. It almost seems like a bizarre dream to think of how sick I was just a couple of months ago..... Life sure is interesting!

The pods get delivered tomorrow, I have three more days of work then I pack, then mom and I will shove the dogs in the car and take off for Texas. Wish us luck! With that crew in tow, we will need it!


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