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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Settling In....

Whew! I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged....time has been flying.

A quick update:

My brother and his family have decided to accept a job with a company in Canada. Yup - they're going north! My sister-in-law, the dedicated Republican, in Canada! I wonder if they're ready for her.....

My dogs are back with me, and Teddy has already made his presence felt to the local wild (and not so wild) life by taking out a large opossum and a cat in the same day. My mom said they seemed to know they were coming 'home' as they were waiting anxiously by her gate when she went to load them in the car. Once they got to the house, they immediately tore into the backyard to announce their presence. Thank goodness I had just had the dog-door installed that day!

I am having the carpet torn out and tile/wood floors put in to better survive the dogs. Heidi is hanging in there, but her age has taken it's toll and she tends to have frequent accidents. Ugh!
I have a very nice gentleman doing the installation. He is a bit odd, though. He cried when telling me about his dead dog (not so odd, I cry remembering my lost pets), and then sent me a text message in GERMAN to inform me of the animal corpses Teddy the Terminator left in the back yard. He said he was afraid to tell me....not sure how the change in language made it easier, bit what the heck! Keeps life interesting! I have no idea how he knew I knew a smattering of German, though....kinda freaky.

Work is going well. I don't think the staff quite knows what to make of me yet. I guess the last manager was a very serious fellow, and all my laughing, dancing, teasing and cracking jokes over the PA system is throwing them for a loop. They're getting into the spirit, though!

My health is holding fairly well. I recently began losing muscle again, and went to see a neurologist with the MDA ( I LOVE that organization!) He raised my prednisone levels again (Yech!) and is sending me in for a full cancer screening since this disease can be associated with cancer. I didn't think this would be a big deal, until I discovered I was about to experience a mammogram, colonoscopy, bone scan, ultrasound and pap-smear all in the next couple of weeks. Oh, the joy. He's a funny guy, and was ordering me in no uncertain terms to 1) get a regular doctor 2) get off the Methotrexate, even if it means more prednisone and 3) get screened for cancer (when I objected to the idea of having a camera sent up my bum he snapped, in essence, 'it's more like a garden hose, and get over it').

*sigh* Oh, my glamorous life!