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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Wow! I haven't written in a looong time, but I have a great excuse - THREE TODDLERS!

So - here is my foster saga so far: M 2yo, placed 5/07 (still here); C 3do, placed 5/07 (adopted by an aunt 11/07); N 10yo, placed 8/07 (ru'd 9/07); J1 2yo and his brother J2 1yo placed 12/07 (still here). I still wonder if God is laughing at my fervent wishes to NEVER parent a girl (based on the hell I put my parents through) by sending me three boys LOL!

Life is good, if busy. Christmas was WONDERFUL as my parents came up to spend time in my madhouse.....poor things were exhausted by the time they left. J2 kept them hopping as he busily gets into everything possible. It was a zoo here with 2 birds, 3 dogs, 3 adults and 3 toddlers. Hectic doesn't begin to cover it!

The boys fell in love with Dad - poor Dad probably went home sore from all of the wrestling he did with them. M spent Christmas with his Mom, so we had the other two boys, who were very confused by the whole event. The most excitement they showed was when they spotted the fire in the fireplace!

M is due to return to his Mom in the next few weeks or so, but J and J are kind of up in the air. There is a possibility that they may be available for adoption.....I am having a difficult time with this as it is tough to protect your heart. I would love to adopt them, but am afraid to become to hopeful as this would make losing them devastating :(. I have done fine with my other kiddos as I pretty much knew going into it that they were all going home.....this is a little different and I am hoping to get more info (eventually) when I meet their CASA worker. For some reason, CASAs are much more forthcoming with info than Case Workers- IF they approve of you ;)

As many of you know, I tend to be rather reclusive at home.....fostering has certainly taken care of that! I have so many people coming and going that there are times when I feel more like a daycare! Therapists, CASAs, Case Workers, Case Managers, Auditors, etc, etc all have their scheduled visits to maintain. Yikes!

I am VERY fortunate to have the world's greatest neighbors - they are as involved with the kiddos as I am! Their daughter babysits on the weekends and holidays (I think I am paying for her first year of college!) and the parents come over to help and to spend time with the boys. It is wonderful to see all of the kids gain confidence from all these interactions with caring adults. J1 was so shy when he first got here, and now he greet adults and is very quick to tell me when he wants something!

I am hoping that the Christmas visit helped with some of my folks' concerns......right Mom?? I was tired, but still doing fine even with managing the store through the holidays and taking care of three active toddlers at home. One thing is for sure, they certainly give me something to focus on and look forward to each day! Much better than when I was just puttering around being bored at home.....

My Grandfather is due to go in for some surgery for cancer.....and the big DODO sent MONEY to us grandkids. While I appreciate both the money (foster stipends do NOT cover most kids' needs) and the sentiment, I do NOT appreciate the idea he is going into this surgery expecting to pass on. I am sending him some sharp words on that account - we would much prefer to have 'Great-Grandpa' with us for as long as possible, but I know he misses Grandma......

Well, this post was just to catch everyone up! Hope 2008 comes with many happy surprises!


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