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Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Learning!!

I'm slowly picking this thing up!!

I figured out that if I told M I was stepping out of sight for a moment (ie - put wash in dryer) and what I was going to do, he wouldn't scream (duh!!) Sometimes, when he is feeling uncertain, we play echo by calling OK to each other over and over until I reappear.

I figured out that what I THOUGHT was him saying "I kick you" was actually him saying "I (want a) cookie" LOL! (I wondered about the kicking since he never followed up on it!)

I figured out that he is nearly potty trained......Whew!

I figured out how to go from one load a week to one a day in laundry and every other day in dishwashing.....

I figured out how to time it so that kid and dogs each have free reign of the house at different times.....

And M is learning! He is learning the enjoy the house, and now will march over to 'his room' to retrieve toys, into 'his bathroom' to play with the faucet (oops! gotta watch that one!) over to the fridge or cabinet when he wants a snack, etc....PLUS he has slept in his own room, in his own bed for the last two nights!!!!

Now, what I need expert advice on is vegetables.....He loves fruit, but since my fav veggies are salads, asparagus and greenbeans, and he either can't or won't eat them I am kind of at a loss as to what to offer......any culinary advice out there?? I need to go shopping and want to pick up some relatively sure bets since I certainly won't be eating the leftovers! LOL


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