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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I am now licensed by the State of Texas for foster-adopt!!

Yikes! Now what??

I have gone through classes on an alphabet soup of disorders, medical conditions, emotional conditions, attachment, CPR, meds, etc, etc. I have spent HOURS on the web researching childcare, education, therapy options, etc.

I have set up a kids room.....just to find out what I really need is several pairs of clothes in different sizes as kids often show up in the clothes their wearing and nothing else. I guess I'll be hitting Target or Wal-mart on my next day off!

I am doing legal-risk, which means the children will likely be available for adoption as my interest is in adoption, not long-tem fostering. It is horrible to see how many kids are in the system and how few homes there are! In Texas they are so short in emergency homes, they are housing the kids in their offices, hotels.....

My hope is for 1-2 children in the 2yrs to 5 yrs range......we'll see what fate has in store for me!

Wish me luck!


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