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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, at least I have my health!

I've been feeling much back to normal, which means I am back to my compulsive home-improvements. Planted about 12 plants to (hopefully) create a screen across the fencing to block my neighbors' view; stripped wall-paper, skim-coated and painted the bathroom; sanded the bath cabinets so I can stain them to match the wood floor....whew! Fun! I spent 2 days setting up temporary fencing around my plants to protect them from the dogs, just to watch them merrily leaping over said fence within a day. Luckily, they have only eaten one plant so far....I can't believe it - root ball and all were gone, a nice, neat little hole left. Little shits!

Unfortunately, my run of good luck ended this week...first, I ran into my garage door while I was busy chatting with mom on the phone. Cost me $140 just to get it down. I parked in the driveway and had the car broken into - they stole my GPS!!! Now how am I supposed to find this new store?!? Then, I took Tasha into the vet's when I dropped Chloe off for her second of 8 dips to treat her mange....discovered Tasha requires knee surgery that should run around $900. To top it all off, Chloe merrily trotted into the house last night carrying what I though was a large piece of bark....looked a little closer and discovered it was a turtle shell, with the spine still intact. I can see killing the opossums, but TURTLES?? Nothing is safe in my back yard!

Jeez! What's with all the bad Karma this week?


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