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Saturday, December 03, 2005

What a difference a year makes.....

Wow! It's been a year since my 'adventure' began, and looking back at everything I can't help but feel very lucky.

*All of those wonderful 'cancer screenings' are done, and all came back clear.

*My strength is back at around 80% (pretty much what I was told I would recover).

*While I still tire if I work too many days in a row (like eight!! Hope that's not necessary for awhile), my stamina is much, much better.

*I am still looking forward to the day of reducing medications, but my body is saying that that time is not yet here. *sigh* While my face is no longer reminiscient of the moon, I am still waiting for the day that I look like 'me' again!

*All of those aids I required 8 months ago now sit in my garage....and, God and my neurologist willing, they will STAY there!

*My condition is controllable, and not degenerative. If you must have a 'condition' (and far too many of us do) it might as well be one that is a pain, but not life-threatening.

*My brother has a new, exciting job.

*My other brother is having a ball with his new job.

*My father has a new, potentially fulfilling role at work.

*I am loving my new job, being back with my old company. They could care less that I have a disease. I can do the job, and that's all they care about! Wow - what a concept!

*I get to see my parents on a more regular basis (I am campaigning hard to have them relocate to DFW).

This is definitely holiday season worth being thankful for. There are some sad moments....I had to put my old friend Heidi down the day before Thanksgiving. I thought I wanted to be there, but she refused to lay down for the shot and when it took effect she just dropped. I was crushed - all I could think was 'I just killed my dog'. While my mind knows it was time, my heart is a little tougher to convince. I have a great friend who is also a dog-lover who cared enough to spend 1 1/2 hours on the phone remembering Heidi's quirky personality and sharing the laughter and tears that come with the memories.

I still have a terror of a retriever, who loves all people and hates anything with fur and a pushy dobie who has a recently revealed distaste for lively children. Teddy is currently sprawled belly up at the foot of the bed, while Tasha is curled up half on top of me forcing me to type around her head. They help ease a bit of that pain in saying good-bye to an old friend. My mother worried that I would try to get another dog to replace fear there. I love dogs, remember? Teddy would kill any I brought to the house. For the sake of all canines I will control my urges to fill the ache with new furry friends ;-).

Friends come in all shapes and sizes....but the furry ones are still the best of all!


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