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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another Christmas gone by.....

Whew! It's over. One more Christmas spent running at top speed to meet the gift needs of the general public. I must say, the Texans have been MUCH nicer about out-of-stocks than any other group I've dealt with over the years. Let's hear it for the southern grace!

That grace made a difference for me. It was a tough season. My medications seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel and my CK levels are out of control again....over 4500. *sigh* I have a new neurologist, with whom my mother is less than impressed. I think Dr Solomon in Seattle ruined her for all other doctors. His 'do or die' attitude made an impression! Of course, so did the fact that his treatment was so successful. I did visit a wonderful internist today, and think Dr Mehta will make a fine PCP. He was kind enough to agree to do my cancer screening pap-smear AND renew my anti-depressant prescription to save me from having to get two MORE doctors. Plus, his nurse did a great job pulling blood. How sad is it that I now judge a clinic by how easily they pull my blood? But jeez, it's such a pain when they keep missing. Anyone who can get it on the first stick is a hero in my book!

My new crew is so terrific! I guess there really is a reason for everything, and it makes me wonder why I fought so hard to stay on at BN. This Borders crew didn't blink an eye when I started to show some signs mid-way into the season of my disease. Instead, they would just tap my shoulder when I started to limp heavily and 'order' me to oversee the cashwrap and leave the floor-running to them. Wow! What a group! And what a difference it makes to work for a company that doesn't care if you appear competent, just that you are competent.

We had fun about a week ago. I was driving to work when this little puppy came darting out into heavy traffic. I immediately pulled onto the median and jumped out to try and grab him. Thankfully, the Texans were kind enough to stop for me....or perhaps it was just to watch the crazy lady stagger about flapping her arms..... In any event, I managed to call the little guy over to me long enough to grab him by the scruff, only to discover I couldn't lift him from a crouching position and had to hurl him into the car. The poor fellow sulked all the way to the store. Once there, he spent my entire shift behind the cashwrap sleeping in between play-time with various staffers. He was quite a hit. I reported him to the local shelter the next day, and his family came to get him. Hopefully, they'll keep a closer eye on him in the future!

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Channukah, etc and that 2006 greets you with happiness and success!


Blogger C.W. Cale said...

Oh, you're a caution all right!
You're also the only reason I have stuck with the "B" after the last regime was voted off the island.
You have been a truly unique blast of fresh air!
I'm just sorry I'm moving on in a bit. It's been quite nice working with you.
(Keep in mind lame ducks have no real reason to kiss up, so I must be sincere!)

10:19 PM  

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