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Friday, May 12, 2006


Been awhile for me. I don't generally take vacations - not many places to go where you can bring your animals ;-). I remember as a kid we were traveling in our motorhome and went to visit a wild animal park. At the entry they ask you to leave any pets you may have with you in their office. The look on the guards' faces when we began unloading the macaw, cockatoo, poodle and hamsters was asked why we were coming to see the animals when we had so many of our own.

I'm planning to drive down to see my parents in Corpus -UGH! I can already feel the sweat! It'll be worth it to spend some time with them, though. I might even get a chance to try golfing with my Dad. I hope he has a lot of patience! They are ready for the invasion - they ripped out the bushes that were Teddy's favorite place to hang out in and won't re-plant until the dogs and I are gone. Hopefully, Teddy will kill a couple of their backyard pests while we are down there and make the invasion worthwhile for my parents. Go Teddy!

CK news is great - I am down to 79!!! I'm back in the normal range again, and this without the chemo! I had to change providers for my IVIg, which was a pain but as long as I keep getting it, I don't care where it comes from.

Check out my latest 'baby'!
Chloe was sick when I got her, but is all better now. She had pneumonia for awhile and the vets sent me home with fluids. For three days I had an IV bag hanging from the ceiling fan and would stick her full of fluids to keep her going. A few weeks later when my nurse showed up with the IVIg bag and pulled out the needle to put in my arm, Chloe bolted out the door and wouldn't come back in for a few hours. The nurse thought it was hysterical. Anyone who says dogs aren't smart doesn't live with any.

I have no idea what she is, but it looks like she'll be about 40lbs fully grown. Any ideas out there?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually it was a cockatiel. :-)

10:40 AM  

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