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Friday, May 18, 2007

A Day in the Life of.....

A two year old!

Boy, am I learning fast!!

M was placed with me about five days ago, and the days since have been a whirlwind of locating daycare, dealing with paperwork, introducing M to the dogs, setting up visits with his Mom, etc.

He is tolerating my learning curve well, probably thrilled when I forget to do the whole teeth-brushing routine (oops!). We are still struggling with bedtime - he goes down just fine, but since he is used to sleeping with his Mom, he has a tough time being all alone in his new room.

I am learning some quick, healthy meals to cook! Great for me, but I think M could care less. I made him home-cooked chicken fingers the other night, and he proceeded to dip his peaches in the catsup and his chicken in the peach juice.....eeew!

I received another call today about taking an infant....I declined as I doubt I could find childcare for a newborn AND I am just starting to get this 'mommy' thing down.

It is truly amazing how much this parenting a toddler changes your life - I know, I know - duh! But I am referring to the fact that there is no easing into this through pregnancy and birth. One day I am driving home from work debating whether I want to stop by the store now or wait a few days. Now, I pass the farmer's market with a strong inclination to stop and get fresh fruit (M is devouring fruit faster than I can buy it!!) but I decide against it as M has already had a long day and is not in the best of moods. But, I can't wait too long as he needs more fruit, so I need to schedule that into our day tomorrow.

I am getting better at planning my time around his energy cycles - best time to do laundry is when he's revved up! I can move around and fold laundry while he runs like a crazy man around the house shrieking at his toys LOL! If I am NOT in the mood to spend time at the sink, I had best wait to fill the dishwasher until after he's in bed as he loves to 'help' by closing the dishwasher door after each item is placed inside.....etc, you get the idea!

He is getting better with the dogs, and vice-versa. Tasha still only likes him when he's eating or asleep; Teddy just watches him; Chloe thinks he's a toy just for her! Tomorrow I plan to set Chloe and M loose together to see how well they do.....I think my Mom thinks I worry too much, but I have this horrifying vision of trying to explain a dog bite to CPS (much less M's Mom)! The dogs did fine with my niece and nephew, but they were only there for short periods and are not prone to high pitched screeches or loud, flailing temper tantrums (at least, not around brother and sister-in-law could probably recount a few ;-) )

His latest funny maneuver? Sticking his face in the dogs' water bowl to 'dink' just like the dogs do! Oy!


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