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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I met with my Case Manager AND the GAL for C today. I had hoped they could meet M, but he had a visit with his Mom today, which meant no nap so he was already asleep when they got here. My CM peeked in at him, though, so she could see his room, etc. It is heartbreaking to see how much he misses his mommy - he kept asking me when she was coming tonight :-(

Apparently, C's Mom has her first court date tomorrow....the GAL (Guardian ad litum) said it should be interesting to see if she shows. They don't really expect her to, but who knows?

Everyone seemed happy with the kids' placement, and they changed M's placement from emergency (very short term) to placement until permanency could be achieved through placement with Gma or Mom. In other words, he could be here for months!! I am fine with that, but I know my case manager was hoping for shorter term so they could place another child.....I think they are irritated that Gma is licensed but still won't take him simply because she isn't getting along with her daughter (M's mommy). On the other hand, I kind of question why they would place him with someone who kicked her own daughter out at 16!?

I am off to my own Dr appts tomorrow and will have C in tow, which should be interesting! LOL! I am hoping my Dr might be able to give me some direction in finding a pediatrician.....I really dread returning to the clinic I had to take C to. But, I guess it's better than nothing!!


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