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Monday, September 12, 2005

What a life....

I was sitting here in my luxurious hotel room (not!) reviewing my notes over what is left to do before my move-in date, and I got to thinking about this past year.

What a life! When I moved back to Seattle, I swore I was there to stay. I moved a bit as a kid, but after college is when I really started to make tracks. I moved between Washington, California, Washington DC, New York and New Jersey......10 moves in 10 years. Change finally got a little old, and the birth of my niece and nephew convinced me that nothing would make me happier than settling down near family and establishing myself for once.

That was 5 years ago. I made it 5 years.

In August of '04, unbeknownst to me, life took a curve. I got sick in August, diagnosed in January, changed jobs in July, moved to a hotel room in Texas in August, and am now facing yet another move in September.

I wonder how long I'll make it here? Hey - if anyone's listening out there....I'M TIRED! No more curve balls for awhile, OK? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Now that I've whined for a bit, what about that curve ball the Gulf states got? When I start to dwell on my curve ball, I am going to try and think of just what kind of challenges those folks are facing.

Have you donated yet? If not, please give it some thought. Even $5 makes a difference. Personally, I went with my first love and donated to the ASPCA. Everyone, every creature, needs some extra help, and not everyone out there has a family like mine who is able to step in.