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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm gonna be a MOM!

Wow! Too cool - people (besides my Mom) apparently still read this blog! It is not nearly as interesting as some I have found (for a real laugh, check out

I DO have some fantastic news, though! It seems very, very likely that I will be adopting both my current kiddos! N is 12yo, very bright, very active and is giving me a run for my money! T is 14mo, a bit delayed-but-catching-up and also giving me a run for my money.

The trouble now is having patience. Both children's families have had their rights officially terminated (though T's did this voluntarily), but the courts give them 3 months to contest. During this three month period, I have to:
1) update my homestudy
2) have both children get another physical (?!)
3) get a psychological assessment done for N
4) hire an attorney
5) go through presentation meetings for each kid (this is where a panel reviews my homestudy to make sure I am not a nut.....or, at least, not the kind of nut that would harm children)

At the end of the three months, I will be able to petition the court for adoption. I have already contacted an attorney, who assures me he can set a date as soon as he gets the ok. It would be fantastic to do both kids at once, but since they are from different counties I know I will wind up with two different dates.

Still hard to believe......4 years ago I needed help getting off the toilet, and now I am about to be the Mom of two kiddos!!!

Life is good.


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