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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow! It really HAS been a year!!!

So, does anyone besides my Mom even look here anymore?? Probably not, and it's all my fault for getting so caught up in the foster care my defense though, they really are strangely compelling. If you ever feel lost, frustrated, completely out of touch with your kids - visit a foster care forum. The stories there will make you thank your lucky stars your life is so good!

I have been fostering for about 2 1/2 years now.....I think. Maybe longer? I don't even know anymore. I have had (at last count) THIRTEEN children in my home. And you know what? It's still standing!! Of course, my cream leather couches now have lovely scribbles in black sharpie, I have NO grass left in the back yard, the livingroom has been taken over by toys and the garage with boxes of 'stuff' from parents who seem to view cockroaches as a fact of life. Oh, and my car? Poor thing will never be the same. I used to be amazed that my OCD sister-in-law's car would have a mess inside. Now I understand. I swear, there is NO WAY to prevent every little crack and crevice from accumulating crumbs, vomit, juice, urine.....hmmm, I guess I can't blame it all on the kids. No - NOT ME!!! Dogs! all those strays I grab off the street leave their (ah-hem) marks, as well.

So - thirteen placements later (fourteen if you count the one that came back for round 2) and I am finally starting to feel like a parent. Not enough of one to realize that my DAUGHTER was not the most reliable source for determining when school resumed (so she has ONE unexcused absence - get over it!) but a parent nonetheless. My current two kiddos look likely for adoption, and aside from being ecstatic, a part of me is sad. You mean I can't keep trading them out for newer models?? It has been a lot of fun (aside from a few memorable placements) watching all of the different personalities wade through my home.

Of course, NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with the purported theme of this blog.....Myositis. So. Here is my bow to the theme - I am doing fine.

That is my stock response.

I am doing fine.

I am still on all meds, which doesn't bode well for the remission-within-five-years hope I have held. But, fat face aside, I seem to be holding up. It is looking like I will be on Prednisone the rest of my life (ugh!!!) but maybe, MAYBE I might be able to cut off the IVIgs. That would make my insurance company happy!

I have three dogs, a job (which is saying a LOT these days), two kids that may be here to stay, a home......

I am doing fine.

I am doing GREAT!


Anonymous Cait said...

I read your blog.
And I just want to say thanks.
I was recently diagnosed with polymyositis. To be able to read about someone who has it, and has been able to still live a full life really helped me through the first few weeks when things didnt seem like they were ever going to get better.

3:48 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just visiting....I go next week to a specialist to confirm I have polymyositis. Trying to learn more. Thank you!

10:10 PM  

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