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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ok - Maybe hectic DOES cover it!

Life continues to be a bit hectic - I had the day off today, so dropped the boys off at daycare and went to get my monthly bloodtest (2 months late!). On my way home I witnessed a serious car accident and wound up sitting with one of the victims in his car keeping him from passing out before the ambulance got there. Poor guy - I used his cell to call a friend of his who was nice enough to call me back later to tell me he was fine....concussed, but fine.

I returned home to catch a quick nap before tackling the removal of the Christmas lights and all the fallen leaves in the front yard.

I went to pick up the boys and all three came home hungry and cranky today, so dinner was a marathon. J1 and M decided to 'have it out' over who's Mama I was - two 2yo yelling at each other "MY Mama" over spaghetti certainly added to the ambiance.....NOT!

I did have to giggle listening to them on the car ride home, though. J2 was sitting in the middle car seat with wide eyes listening to J1 say - well, I'm not sure exactly what he was saying, but it prompted M to respond with a very bored "not funny" over and over again. It was like listening to a bored teen sneer at his much younger brother

Oh! How interesting life has gotten!


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